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Good Stuff to Know

2019 Dates, Times & Locations

Everything Damascus will host five Flea Markets in 2019! 

May 18th - Main Street Damascus / Part of Springfest on Main 

June 8th        - Weis Shopping Center

August 17th    - Weis Shopping Center  

Sept 21st        - Weis Shopping Center 

October 19th - Main Street Damascus / Part of the  Damascus Harvest Festival & Local Business Fair. 

Flea Market Tips

 Early or Late?

You will find the best selection in the morning but waiting until the afternoon may help you grab the best price when vendors are looking to unload for the day!


Here's the thing.  If something is priced fairly then don't try and haggle for a lower price.  Having said that, most  buyers and sellers know that negotiating is a tool of the trade when it comes to Flea Markets.  Don't be afraid to ask a vendor for a lower price.  There are two types of vendors at Flea Markets. First, those that are just trying to get rid of their personal stuff.  Then there are people who this is their business and they need to make a profit. Please keep this in mind when asking for a lower price.

What Should I Bring

 Bring a Rolling Bag or Cart 

This is a must  for serious Flea Market shoppers. This is one item you should never forget to bring. 


Sometimes vendors will run out.  If you are purchasing collectibles you will want to protect them.  Nothing like being prepared...just in case.   TAPE MEASURE AND SWATCHES You will want to make sure it fits and matches. Tip: preparation is key to a successful find.

CASH Don't leave home without it. Most vendors prefer cash over checks. A few may take credit cards but that should never be a given.  

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Flea Market Statistics

  According to the National Flea Market Association 

Our country has over 1100 flea markets that provide opportunities for approximately 2.25 million vendors conducting over $30 billion in sales annually.  Flea Markets are visited by over 150 million customers each year.  Flea Markets contribute to the local, state, and federal economy through real estate, food, sales and use taxes.​

Interested in Being a Vendor?

Head on over to our registration link for all of the details.  Still have questions? Email us using the link below.

Vendor Information


1.  Is there a fee to visit the Flea market?  Absolutely not! 

2.  Will there be food and drinks available?  Yes, we will have food vendors / trucks on site.  Participation may vary each week.

3.  Will you have different vendors each time?  We will have new and repeat vendors at each event.

4.  What happens if it rains? The event is rain or shine. If the weather is too bad we will cancel for that month.  

5.  I have questions specific to being a vendor. Where can I get help?  First, check out our Vendor information and registration page.  The link is to the left.  If we still haven't answered your question please email us at DamascusFlea@gmail.com.  We will get back to you within 48 hours.


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